Xian And Aztek Go Like This

You guys remember Xian from HERE, and who I have always pronounced See-ahn, but later found out is was pronounced more like Ex-Ee-Uhn, but I’ma still pronounce it like See-Ahn because y’know old habits die hard and shit.  Well this guy, who is of the Salt Lake crew Damn Son, is one talented dude.  His buddy Mark, aka AZTEK is as well.  I had never really heard much of AZTEK’s work before I saw him live a few weeks ago and I have to say he has a good catalogue to rip through.  Both AZTEK (Soundcloud, Facebook) and Xian (Soundcloud, Facebook) are great guys too, so supporting their music is made that much easier.

This coming together for the both of them is not some random effort.  They have been talking and working together for a bit now and with the strength of their solo prodiction and the strength of this nice littlle joint effort, the duo will be something to watch.

So get at these nice little tunes, and go grab the Free Download (HERE) and give the blog Edoclu (Made up of Xian and Gaszia) a follow as well.  Their tastes align with ours and they provide some visual candy along with their finds so they’re always a good follow.

Aztek – Like This (Xian Remix) [FREE DOWNLOAD] by Xian Music

Like This {{Free off Bandcamp}} by |?ztek|

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