With or Without Avec Sans

Avec Sans, (Facebook, Soundcloud) is a cleverly titled Electro Pop duo out of London who has managed to gather a lot of buzz in the music community despite being a fairly new venture. They have a hand full of remixes out and have just dropped their third single, “Hold On”. This time they have a couple of remixes to go along with the new single. In an avant-garde move the first remix is done by themselves turning their song into a glitchy, left-field version of its former self. The second remix is from the production duo Tom Lord and Dougie Brown aka VS//YOUTHCLUB. They take the pop right out and leave the song with crisp percussion, big bass, and reverb soaked vocal clips. As a bonus there is video directed by Sing J Lee, who commented, “A mix of angular synth pop soundscapes and smooth vocals led to the adventure in geometry and flashing graphic textures.”

Posted By: Joseph Noctum

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