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Wildlight's New Album

Long time readers of the blog know our love affair with David Sugalski, aka The Polish Ambassador. He was the artist that brought two staff member together in mutual musical respect and TPA’s been goin strong ever since. Creating musical ties that bind, jumpsuits so yellow they blind and live shows that are the funkiest good time. So now that we’ve established who TPA is, let’s explore this project of his with vocalist Ayla Nereo.

Wildlight, a project from TPA that lets him get out from behind the sometimes constrictive glitch-bounce sound that he’s so known and loved for and lets him dabble in the more organic of sounds and instruments, while using Nereo’s wonderful voice as the focal point. Where glitchy hip hop samples reigned supreme, Nereo asserts her own tapestry of sound and whoever vibes off who, it works so very well. And lest you die hard TPA fans are missing that quintessential TPA sound, you get that still and in every tune you can sense his space dusty fingerprints in them all to certain degrees. Then, with the track ‘Live Inside A Dream’, the EP closer, you get the TPA sound in spades.

So check out the the rest of the album and download it (HERE), in true TPA fashion, for free!.

Wildlight – Twirl Me by Jumpsuit Records

Wildlight – Conversations Between by Jumpsuit Records

Wildlight – Save My Mind For Later by Jumpsuit Records

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