Waxhole July ’13 Mix – Amplicity

Waxhole Mix by AmplicityAmplicity, a name you might remember from past posts has come through with July’s Mix, using tunes from June as his palette and peppering in his own favorites and his own sounds, creating a wonderful soup of originals, remixes and other’s originals.  He’s gotten a lot of the sexy feel of the blog, without turning down the lights so low that you’ve fallen asleep midway through.  There’s quite enough bounce and bass to keep your head nodding and foot tapping all the way through.  Just like his own compositions, this mix has just the right amount of vibes and bass so as to keep you engaged all the way through.
He had this to say about his inspiration and what he loved about putting this mix together:

The inspiration from this mix came from late-night alone time at the beach. I’m currently residing in a beach house for the summer which holds memories from when I was a toddler, all the way up until my progression through (and now after) college.

Putting together the mix allowed me to reminisce on some of the fonder memories I’ve had at the beach, as well as the tougher ones. Looking back on all of these memories, I’ve lived an awesome life and I have everything to be thankful for. I hoped to sprinkle some of these emotions in through the set so that it can be enjoyed as a late-night, reminiscent summer “roller coaster” of a mix.

The funniest part of making this was the fact that my family came to visit multiple times while I was putting it together, and was forced to move my studio from a luscious, HUGE table, to a tiny room in my upstairs. I stuffed all of my studio equipment on a 3 foot desk and felt like I was working for Santa at the North Pole; I was GIANT compared to my workspace.

On a side note, I also changed up a few tracks in the mix to fit more of the vibe I’ve been riding these days. I messed with some new hi-hats in the Bleep Bloop edit of Say My Name, added some slowly evolving white-noise in places that needed some of that late-night “spacey feel,” and left some other subtle surprises along the way 😉

Hope you all enjoy the mix, and while you’re here give Amplicity a follow (Soundcloud, Facebook)

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