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Unsub's Music, Story, and Indiegogo Alexis K / Unsub (Facebook, Soundcloud) is undoubtedly a prominent figure in the bass music scene, and someone who has featured on the blog since the early days (example 1, and example 2). Through her various projects she has remixed for Ministry, Trapt, Gaudi, and Pink Floyd, and has been featured on BBC Radio, MTV, and Beatports 2013 Artists to Watch. With an amazing back catalogue and exciting upcoming tracks Unsub is gathering forces with an indiegogo fundraiser to get over to North America and share both her music and her story.

The Story
This is a tale best told by Lily Unsub herself, so I’ll quote her indiegogo page.
“My name is Lily Alice Kaitlyn Luck. I spent a large part of the first 25 years of my life figuring out who I am. I knew two things for sure; I love being able to connect with people through music and that I was female born into the wrong body. These two seemingly unrelated facts became intrinsically linked as music became my way to cope and to connect. My way to express what I was going through and the emotions I felt. Even if people didn’t understand my journey, I shared my music in the hope that they would recognize the feelings and connect with what I wrote…

I first made music as Alexis K but when I started going through gender transition I was open and honest about it with my fans ) and because of this, I was harassed, stopped from playing, dropped from labels and even blacklisted from blogs and events. I started the anonymous project called Unsub in late 2010 to protect myself and keep being able to do what I love. Unsub took all that negativity and redirected it towards music.

But I’ve realized that I shouldn’t need to change or hide who I am in order to follow my passions and achieve my dreams. My new album is the creative embodiment of that process. The merging of my past and my future into alignment. It is the essence of the story I am telling the world, that I am free to be me.”

The Music

The sounds speak for themselves with superb design and composition whether they are some of her hard hitting Drum and Bass, thick wobbling Dubstep, or some of her more experimental tunes. So while you check out the examples below don’t forget to head over to Alexis K / Unsub’s indiegogo page and help out an artist spread the music and the message of “I am free to be me”.

Unsub – The Dark Junglist

ill-esha – Only Fair (Unsub Remix)

Unsub – Cozen Lullaby

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