Three Pack of Bangin’ Beats From Dfalt, Great Dane and PH Fat

Great Dane Bangin BeatsWe gave you all the choice yesterday of whether to have a three-pack of sexy or a three-pack of bangers and the response was…Go Sexy. Not a bad sentiment, but the choice wasn’t an either/or so here you go with the three-pack that came in second.

Tracks from Great Dane, Dfalt and PH Fat represent some wildly varied sounds, but they’re all bangin in their own right and you all are best served to take a listen. While PH Fat and Dfalt have been featured here before (Dfalt, PH Fat), Great Dane is a new one on the blog. As a member of the ace Team Supreme crew, though, this guy is filled to the brim with greatness, so you should all get to know.

Enjoy and bang away!

Rev’d Up by great dane

PHFAT – House of Clashes by PHFAT

Dfalt – Superstar by dfalt

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