The Philosofist Is So Good All Alone

The Philosofist is back at it and this time with some sexy loveliness using the vocal samples of one of my absolute favorites, Erykah Badu.  He’s been steady exploring different styles since we first posted his work last year.  With the experimentation he’s exploring different styles, different sounds, diferent BPM’s and different vibes.  With this tune, he’s hit on all of the above.  The synth melodies he’s always been very good at show up here, as do the vocal manipulation that leands one small sample of Badu and weaves it into the song’s tapestry as if it were the foundation.  This track can evoke a lot of different feels in you and that’s a sign of a good tune.

So let’s all get behind this tune, follow The Philosofist (Soundcloud, Facebook) and let’s see where he takes us next!

All Alone by Circatree

Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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