Stwo’s EP Is Beyond Belief

Our main man Stwo just dropped an EP off on us from LFTF (get it HERE), and when I say it’s sexytime awesomeness, just believe me…it is.  You know the man stwo (yeah, and yeah, and uhhh yeah) if you’ve followed us for any length of time, and while he’s released some stunners, they’ve always been in a single here, and a single there.  Remixes intermingling with originals it was plain to see that he was more than just a remix extraordinaire, and could throw his own original compositions and do so quite well.  So an EP or album just seemed like a natural next step (easy for us fans to say!) and he’s delivered.

With 6 tracks to love, he has vocals, he has a remix from another great artist ANDREA (HERE) and an instrumental from an older work.  The EP really is a stunner and one that follows the one from RIT and LuQuS as my current favorite chill album for the week.  Stwo (Soundcloud, Facebook) really did a great job for an EP, much less a debut!

So let’s get to the music, yeah?

Stwo – Lovin U by LFTF

Stwo – Work by LFTF

Stwo – Confused by LFTF

Stwo – Anna by LFTF

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