Sonic Power Brought To You By Gravitas

Gravitas Recordings (Facebook, Soundcloud) is back with volume 2 in the “Virtus In Sonus” series. “Virtus In Sonus” means “Power in Sound” or “Virtue through Sound”.

Power they bring, with a 22 track line up that reads as a who’s who, of bass music. Not only was every track carefully crafted but also their placement on the playlist considered. This compilation is meant to be listened to from start to finish as a complete work. Each song plays off the next so that flow is intentional. I highly recommend heading over to the Gravitas bandcamp to pick this release up. While every track is great, I’m going to high light a few of my favorites. Starting with a track by CloZee (Facebook, Soundcloud). This is fantastic song with beautiful sound design, a moving beat, and stunning riffs strung through out.

Next we have a killer track by the Budapest powerhouse AMB (Facebook, Soundcloud). This track grooves along at hip-hop tempos and is laced with spacey synths that are perfect for getting lost in your own head to.

Last but not least we have a track by label head BREDE (Facebook, Soundcloud). His song, “Back on Track”, does just that. Starting at a super dubby downtempo feel the breakdown leads us to a breakbeat rhythm filled with fun glitches, and at the end of the rabbit hole leading us back to the dub.

Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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