Soaring Amongst Dreamghost’s Crystal Clouds

Dreamghost Crystal CloudsDreamghost, a 16 year old producer out of Colorado Springs is the third release from Shoeboxx Recordings and is acquitting himself quite well behind the stellar releases of labelmates Real Cosby and WTCHDCTR. This EP, 6 tracks of nice chilled pop and chillwave goodness is one of those EP’s that sounds a warning cry that a new producer is on the scene and ready to represent.

This EP alternates between happy feel good and whimsical tunes like ‘To Leave’ and ‘Porcelain’, to the more airy and chill tunes of Shutter and Crystal Clouds and delving into a bit of the future bass, chill juke scene with the track ‘Days’. While this album doesn’t ramble amongst genres like some debut’s might, it also doesn’t stay in it’s own wake either.  Enough hints that this producer isn’t a one trick pony without shoving it down your throat either. This young producer is set to perform at this weekend’s UMS, a showcase of lesser known artists from around Colorado and the world. Taking on a feel of the early SXSW days this is a perfect venue to showcase and be exposed to some great sounds.

So check out the tunes, head over and grab the EP (HERE) and enjoy to the fullest.  Dreamghost (Soundcloud) has a bright future indeed!

Porcelain (from Crystal Clouds EP | 7.16.13) by DREAMGHOST

To Leave (Crystal Clouds EP) by DREAMGHOST

Shutter (Crystal Clouds EP) by DREAMGHOST

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