So Happy In PH Fat’s Machine

PH Fat Happiness MAchineHow many of you were with Waxhole back in 2011? Well if you were and you saw my very first post on the blog you will have seen the name PH Fat. And if you were a fan then you will have seen a few tunes drop here and there but nothing really droppin like a sonic crunching bomb like when this morning’s album dropped. For free through their official site (HERE) this one is 17 tracks of bonafide heat. We posted a quick glimpse of one of the tunes HERE and if you were savvy you’d have seen that it was but a portent of things to come. Unfortunately I wasn’t savvy, nor in contact with the dudes of PH Fat so this album drop caught me by surprise. ┬áBUT a wonderful coming down the stairs on Christmas morning kinda surprise.

Whatever the case, the music in this massive album is just what you’d exect from the greatness that is Narch (Beats, Noises and Blaps), and Smooth Mike & Disco Izrael (vocals, lyrics, rappingame) from Cape Town. This threesome is one of those, along with Jam Jarr, Honey Claws and Pigeon Hole that put as much emphasis in the bangin beats as they do the vocals and you can listen to the instrumentals and bang as hard as with the vocals. Having both, though, is ace and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

So check my favorite four tunes and go get that album for free (HERE). give the dudes of PH Fat (Soundcloud, Facebook) a follow too, while you’re at it, yeah?

PHFAT – Pearl City by PHFAT

PHFAT – The Machine by PHFAT

PHFAT – City of Thieves by PHFAT

PHFAT – City of Thieves pt 2 by PHFAT

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