Sango And Atu Just So Good

Sango album NorthUnless you’ve been living under a rock (or missed the post HERE last week), you know that Sango (Soundcloud, Facebook) has an album out.  The jewel of the stellar Soulection’s crew, this guy has been a great artist for releases as well as shouting out great talent from across the globe.  One of these shouts was Atu (Soundcloud, Facebook) himself.  The mysterious producer from Michigan we posted way back last Fall (remember?), has become a force himself.  His own album off of Soulection (HERE) was a smash hit and it’s still getting a lot of play on my own playlist.

So it seems a natural fit that the guy who brought Atu to Soulection’s door should feature him on the album and this is more than just a make-good, buddy buddy move.  It’s two stellar producers combining to produce smooth sexy jams.  I can only hope they do more!


So chek out this tune from the powerhouse and go pick up Sango’s newest (HERE).  It’s one of those that lives up to the hype.  And while you’re in the mood, check out Atu’s album HERE, for a great addition.  These two artists deserve your attention and patronage.

Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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