Robotic Pirate Monkey Gets Re.Heated

Remix EP’s are one of those dicey propositions where you can have 10-15 tunes that either hit the mark every single time or regurgitate the same original tune re-spun 15 minutely different ways.  With this Remix pack from Robotic Pirate Monkey we have a huge Colorado presence and if you like bass, glitch and a little sprinkling of trap, then you’ll like this remix pack.

I’ve picked out some of my favorites which have come, not surprisingly, from artists we’ve featured on the blog before and one we haven’t as of yet.  You know of TYR, Ben Samples and Proper Motion, and now meet Wicked Awesome.  Usually throwing out great trap tunes, Wicked Awesome gets a little more bassy and a little more glitchy than usual, and that’s A-OK with us.

So check these tunes and download the ones you like for free!

Robotic Pirate Monkey – Word Is Bond (Proper Motion Remix) by Proper Motion

Robotic Pirate Monkey – Burn (TYR remix) by TYR

Shake n Bake (Wicked Awesome remix) – Robotic Pirate Monkey by Wi?K€D ?W€$?M€

RPM – Cant Stop the Blaze (Samples Remix) by bensamples

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