Remix Goodness From K Theory, heRobust and Mr. Applesawc

It’s been a long known tact that remixes are a great way to stay relevant while you’re working on bigger projects and for us fans that’s always a great thing to have. Keepin our salivating appetites whetted and our crackfiend twitching fingertips full of new music is always a great way for artists to stay conencted with their fans. All artists can’t be enigmatic and shrouded from their fans like Burial, and wouldn’t that be a bit boring if so? So when they release a remix it keeps us sated and keeps us happy.

The remixers at hand are guys you’ve definitely heard of before on our blog. K Theory and heRobust have many tunes in the Waxhole vault and Mr. Applesawc has one as well. So they are fam either by virtual or personal affiliation and they all deserve ours and your attention and waxhole dedication.

So have at them, follow them and enjoy!

Das Kapital – Brain Bang (@MrAppleSawc Rework) by @MrAppleSawc

Jay Z – Heaven (K Theory Remix) by K Theory

We No Speak Americano (BUSTED By HeRobust) by heRobust

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