Raffertie Keeps Touching Me…Really

RaffertieRaffertie is a name that came to me a little bit late. While this puts a dent in any hipster cred I had, this also allows me to rip through his back catalogue and enjoy this ‘built-in’ collection like a choclate addict at an advent. This latest tune, Touching, is a grand usage of vocals, swelling atmospheric synths and a good dancin beat that gets you movin’ no matter where you are stuck at the moment.

So give this a listen, then check out two tunes from his past collection that I really like. Pardon me if you’ve heard them already, but they’re new to me! And follow Raffertie (Soundcloud, Facebook) for more to come. Hopefully we’re going to get some goodness come our way before long.

Touching by Raffertie

Dog Is Dead – Teenage Daughter (Raffertie Remix) by Raffertie

Build Me Up by Raffertie

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