PhaRo With The Soulful Vibes

PhaRoPhaRo…one guy and three tunes.  Two of which have been posted (HERE and HERE), and now we have his third.  In baseball parlance, the guy is batting 1.000 and for those not clear on baseball, that’s really damned good.  Focusing on the soulful vibes and the laid back chill that is something that really gets to us here at Waxhole, this dude from Belgium is one to keep an eye on.  Still in school, the output will be light, but we can bide our time until he’s done and he starts putting out some more music.

So check this one out for your Sunday afternoon, and enjoy.  Follow PhaRo (Soundcloud, Facebook) and follow along as he releases new music, whenever that might be.

Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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