Mindelixir’s Lunology (Exclusive Download)

Mindelixir, or Bill Schimel out of Charlotte, NC, is a bass fiend and one who denizens of the southeast know very well.  As the founder of Bass Church and on bills of artists as diverse as Fly Lo, and Photek Mindelixir’s name is front and center of all bass heads in his area and around the country. Dropping a 9 track album HERE and it’s all a great ride down the pure unadulterated bass that Mindelixir (and us!) is so fond of. Oh and this tune? The title track from the album? He’s been dope enough to give it to us for free to give to our readers for Free!

This tune, and the EP it is off of, continues that bass-tastic feel and vibe and this is a more minimal feel than some of the bass heavy junkies might require.  But hold on now.  This tune in it’s minimal feel and vibe is by no means a stripped down lesser version of bassed out goodness.  If anything the stark nature adds that much more complexity and depth.  This tune also is a great hint at what the EP is all about.  Available via Juno (HERE) it’s an easy decision to procure this goodness for your collection.

And follow Mindelixir (Soundcloud, Facebook) while you’re at it!  He’s got plenty in his catalogue and plenty more up his sleeve.

Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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