Manu Shrine’s Inmate EP Is The Chill You Need

I sure didn’t expect to make a daily occurrence to present some chillness to start your day, but maybe that’s just how my biorhythms operate and therefore you, our wonderful readers are the recipient.  But seriously guys, this EP from Manu Shrine is top notch.  You know Manu Shrine from past features here on the blog (HERE or HERE) and you know he’s capable of some pure beauty.  This EP is no different.

When Manu Shrine gets on a roll it’s hard to stop his flow.  and by the time you’re into the 4th song you’ve already gone through so many great twists and turns with his sound and beat and overall vibe that you wonder where the time has flown.  I’ve posted my favorite 3 from the 6 track EP so go HERE for the rest.

And whatever you do, follow Manu Shrine (Soundcloud, Facebook) if you are a fan of the deep dark chill vibes.  He’s got much more than this EP in his bag and it’s worth checking out.

Manu Shrine – Aghori by Manu Shrine

Manu Shrine – Perception by Manu Shrine

Manu Shrine – Ananda by Manu Shrine

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