LeGinge’s Manifest Destiny

Leginge Manifest EPLeGinge has been one of those cats we at Waxhole have been following since the very early day of his musical career and we’ve seen him grow, morph and evolve along the way.  Starting out in the trap craze (and doing quite well with that genre too, btw), he’s moved into a more melodic and textures with this EP, at least.  He’s exploring every genre and at age 18, he’s just starting his musical journey.  But listening to the tunes on the EP (HERE), you throw age out of the window and just enjoy and realize that this is someone who’s not a grizzled veteran nor a died in the wool genre purist making this goodness.

In his own words LeGinge, or Payton Barrett, had this to say about the EP:

The inspiration for this EP was from all this wonderful new music being released that is so tasteful and soulful. I just went into it with a positive mindset.  I wasn’t going for a kind of sound at all it just came out how you see it.  I’m making all different kinds of music right now, so who knows what’s next!
So check out the tunes below, download it HERE and follow LeGinge (Soundcloud, Facebook) to see what he has for us next.

Comin’ Back by LeGinge

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