Juan Cristobal Continues That Sexy French Vibe

There’s been a preponderance of sexy lovestep vibes coming out of France from the likes of Andrea, Stwo, RIT, xxStunned Tomcat, Virgin Minds, Julia Losfelt, and I’m sure there are many more. While they don’t have a monopoly on the genre (look at Atu, Bear//face, Kaytranada, etc.), they have a pretty good hold on it. This guy, Juan Cristobal (Soundcloud, Facebook) adds his name to the roster and I’m loving it. The fact that Cristobal’s name came to me from a referral from our homey Stwo, makes it even better. we like supporting fam and anyone who’s mates with Stwo is worth a check. And luckily for us, this guy’s tunes make the cut and very much so!

So get introduced to Juan Cristobal! As you see below, he can do the remixes and the originals with equal skill and he’s as regular with posting as us greedy fans all like of our artists we follow. I can’t wait to see what comes out next from the dude!

Juan Cristobal – & It was You by JUAN Cristobal

The Weeknd – High For This (Juan Cristobal Remix) by JUAN Cristobal

Juan Cristobal – You Make Me Smile by JUAN Cristobal

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