J.Faraday And His Seventh Wonder

J.Faraday Push Me - SevnthWonder RemixMany times ‘finding’ an artist is like uncovering a $100 bill in a jacket you haven’t worn for years.  And then there are times when a friend gives you that $100 they found in their backyard.  This $100 bil was given to me by good friend of the blog and one of our regular readers from her outpost in Wisconsin, the indomitable Ms. Gem.  This isn’t the first time she’s uncovered some greatness and given to us replete with a bow and some savory herbal tea on the side.  She’s the best, and we love her for her ears, and her smile.

But the music!  That’s what we’re all here for, right?  Yeah that’s right.  So here you go with some goodness from J.Faraday (Soundcloud, Facebook), a beatsmith from Houston and someone who’s got greatness oozing out of his pores.  With minute long snippets and full beats combined with some production features and remixes, this guy will have you sorted for the day…or the week.

Below are some of these tunes I’ve picked out as favorites, as well as a great remix of a tune from SevnthWonder (Soundcloud, Facebook).

So get to know J.Faraday because you’ll be hearing more from him in the future.

Shield by j.Faraday

j.Faraday – Push Me (SevnthWonder’s 808 Remix) by SevnthWonder

One of those nights by j.Faraday

Im better now by j.Faraday

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