Ill-esha’s On A Roll!

ill-esha new albumThere’s one thing that is a certainty about artists like ill-esha.  They are always busy and always puttin’ out great jams.  Ill-esha shows with these two tunes below that she’s not only spending time touring the country with Festival Season concluding, but she’s got a new EP coming out soon from Muti Music and from an early listen, it’s another great bassed out crunkin affair.  I’ll definitely be telling you about the album in more detail when it drops.  But in the meantime, enjoy this nice little taste.

And, as if this teaser from her new EP wasn’t good enough, we get a tune from Ill-esha off of a compilation album from Lost In Sound.  Featuring artists like Whitebear, Cualli, and Andreilin, there’s plenty of stuff for the bass-head to enjoy thoroughly.  Ill-esha’s contribution though is a little something special.  Utilizing her vocals that she’s starting to do more and more often (which is awesome to see and hear!) and also a new technique, she’s pushing the boundaries of her own production as well as the bass scene as a whole. This tune uses the tuning of A=432 hZ…and because I don’t really know how to explain what that actually means, check this for more info. Anyway, this tune shows that her vocals are a huge addition to her production which in and of itself is greatness. This tune works so well on two levels solidifying her as a Double Threat behind the DAW, DJ booth or piano. And the fact that she’s so very awesome in person and is as humble as they come puts her in that rare Triple Threat echelon of artists. Her photoshop wizardry is nearing Quadruple Threat territory, but we need to wait for a few more gems until then. She’s close though!

So keep lookin out for that EP to drop off Muti Music and get that free compilation (HERE) with her tune included.  It’s a great way to utilize the freedom of the free download.

ill – esha – Idle Heart by Muti Music

ill-esha – Love At 432 [ Exclusive] by LostinSound

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