Goin’ Nowhere With CESRV And Liking It

I’ve really been digging the scene in Brazil lately and this guy, CESRV is a big reason why.  Alerted to his presence by way of a really great Brazilian blog Volta, it wasn’t long before I had ripped through his entire catalogue and dug on his different projects/releases.  The tunes below are from his most recent EP, Nowhere, from April, and it’s a great peek into what his production is all about.  Beats with depth and soul are what really draw me in and this guy has that in spades.

So check out the EP (HERE), check out more from CESRV (Soundcloud, Facebook) and look out for more on here from his countrymen.

Dome by cesrv

Glassdrop by cesrv

Katana by cesrv

Razorwire by cesrv

H by cesrv

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