Following Archnemesis Has Never Been So Fun! (PLUS Interview)

Archnemesis Follow MeArchnemesis is back!  Dropping an EP last week the stage was set for all of us who couldn’t be in Florida to see their shows to jam out to some new shit all the same.  A 4 track (with an intro) EP that spans the funky vibe and the dancin goodness that each EP, remix, single and definitely live set is replete with.  Drippping with booty groovin, bouncin jams, this EP is one that you will jam out to on repeat all day long.  This one is good for the car, for the headphones or for the gym.  It’s that great balance of bounce with melody and hip hop funk that keeps your attention tuned for the duration.

In the midst of the tour, Curt from Archnemesis (Soundcloud, Facebook) was kind enough to answer some questions on this album and on Archnemesis a a whole:

Hear The Love by Archnemesis Music

Waxhole:First off, congrats on the new EP. Once again you’ve given out to your fans for free. Where does this constant belief of giving back to the fans come from?

Archnemesis: Thanks for the love! The belief in giving away the music for free has always been the approach Archnemesis has taken. No one buys CD’s anymore unless your Bieber, Jay-Z, Kenny Chesney or somebody huge like that, so the revenue stream coming from selling music isn’t there, which is fine since it’s more important to bring the live show to fans, and that’s where it gets really good! You can only get so much stimuli from just listening to music, and that’s why it’s important to create an amazing live experience with lights, production, live versions of the songs etc. The hope is that the more people that get to experience the music for free will ultimately lead to more people at shows experiencing it in a live setting!


Waxhole: This EP is entitled Follow Me, is this a shout to your very loyal online NemesisArmy? What was the overall inspiration for this album?

Archnemesis: The Follow Me album title has a lot of meanings, including a shout out to the ever-loyal Nemesis Army! The Archnemesis fan base is truly amazing, and some of the craziest in the scene I think, and I wouldn’t be able to do this music thing without them! The overall inspiration for this album and any music that’s released by Archnemesis in general is to bring new and innovative music to the fans and the overall music scene, and to constantly push the creative boundaries. I think the Archnemesis sound has come into its own in the 4 years of it’s life, especially with Follow Me, and am excited to start working on the next tracks!

Bumpin’ by Archnemesis Music

Waxhole: Your live shows are always off the chain. Are you more comfortable behind the decks or behind a DAW?

Archnemesis: I don’t think there’s any way to really compare the two. They’re just 2 totally different environments. The studio is where the production happens and the live show is where the excitement and magic happen. I don’t use turntables or CDJ’s, and the way the live show is set up allows me to move and flow through the set dependent on the vibe in the room, and am able to manipulate the tracks live, so it’s kind of like being in a studio but with a much bigger audience. Both environments have their place, and I’m just lucky enough to be able to do what I Iove!


Waxhole: Your music lends to having a live band behind you. Has that ever crossed your mind as a possibility for a live show? An MC could work too!

Archnemesis: Sure, the live band and maybe an MC sitting in on tracks has been thought about, but right now the main focus is to get the music out to as many people as possible, and to make the live show as on point as possible. All the other ideas will fall into place when the time is right.

Aim For The Sky by Archnemesis Music

Waxhole: We are knee deep into Festival Season so what is your favorite one to play and which one is at the top of your Bucket List to play?

Archnemesis: There’s no way to single out just one. They’re all so different and amazing in their own ways. As far as “Bucket List” festivals, Coachella, Ultra, Bonnaroo and Stereosonic are definitely up there!


Waxhole: One thing that draws us in about your music is the funky vibe that always makes it into your music. I’m sure you get the Pretty Lights Music mention all the time.

Archnemsis: Is that an honor or an annoyance? The Archnemesis style has always leaned towards that electro-hip hop-soul sound, and it just so happens that Pretty Lights kind of falls into the same vein too. Sure, the comparison to Pretty Lights has been made but if that’s the worst comparison Archnemesis is going to get then I’ll take it all day! It’s an honor to be mentioned by people in the same sentence as Derek, and I have nothing but respect for him as a producer. I do think though that the Follow Me EP definitely took a step away from Pretty Lights and a step farther towards defining the Archnemesis sound.

Follow Me by Archnemesis Music

Waxhole (via fan write-in): You’re all over a lot of the platforms that people go to for music. Soundcloud, Spotify, Bandcamp. How do you like all of these avenues of fan accessibility and do you think it’s good for music as a whole or do you think it make fans take the work and effort it takes to make good music for granted?

Archnemesis: Social media is probably one of the most important aspects of the music industry. Without a strong social media presence, no matter how good the music is, no one is going to hear it or find out about you and come out and experience the live show with you. Considering the fact that Archnemesis gives away all its music for free, the live show is the major revenue stream, and that’s where the real interaction with the fans takes place. I try to be as accessible as possible on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr etc. and I’m the one responding to people, not management or a PR agency. I think that personal connection with fans is extremely important, and Archnemesis wouldn’t be possible without all those amazing people. The Nemesis Army continues to grow, and it’s really an amazing thing to be a part of!

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