D.V.S* Takes on The Beatles and Wins

Anyone who has ever taken on the task of remixing The Beatles knows how a bomb tech feels when he’s got the blue wire between his snips and two seconds left on the clock. You have one of two things that are about to happen either you’re going to do great and everyone will cheer or little pieces of you will fly through the air as you epically fail and people think, “That’s ok that dude sucked at his job anyways.” In this case we can all lift our voices in cheer because D.V.S* (Facebook, Soundcloud) properly defused this Beatles bomb. The song in question is “Because” one of the darker Beatles chord progressions with beautifully haunting vocal melodies laced through it. D.V.S* used very tasteful sound design, and a very clever vocal chop to provide a new hook to this established classic. I’ll be looking forward to jamming this new remix in the car, club, or just… because.

Posted By: Joseph Noctum

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