Chilled Out Tracks For Your Wednesday Afternoon

One of those things that is consistent about music these days is that sexy jams are here to stay. Used to be it was all angst and rippin shit up that music was all about. Back in the 80’s you had Prince, and then you had the Destiny’s Child’s, Aaliyah’s, TLC’s of the 90’s. Now in the teens you have bedroom producers churnin out hits for the bedroom. The French are doin it, the Brits are doing it, the Americans are doing it. It’s everywhere and I love it. But all sexy beats don’t have to be of the lovestep variety. They can be as varied as west coast bass, house or uk garage. Below are three tunes I’ve been digging on for today or for a few days now. I just can’t keep it inside any longer! And bonus for a not so fresh tune, but one I’ve been digging on hard for a bit now.

So enjoy these tunes and remixes from Boy Kid Cloud, Eest Coast, Whiskers Po and Skyphos and get down with the get down.

Kyte – Taipei (All at once) (Boy Kid Cloud Remix) by boy kid cloud

Whiskers Po – If I Could by Whiskers Po


Nina Simone “Feel Good” (Skyphos Remix) [Free Download] by Deep Heads

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