Chilled Out Goodness from Phantom Shilla And Bear//Face

Have some chillness from our friends Phantom Shilla, and Bear//Face. They’ve both been steady producing greatness since their inclusion on our Compilation (HERE) and I’ve been enjoying seeing their progress and success since. They’ve both given us what we have come to love from the two. A sonic sweeping wall of luscious sexiness from Bear//Face and those vintage dusty soulful sounds from Phantom Shilla. I could listen to these tunes all day…and now I can!

This Bear//Face tune is a collab with Lil Sad, you can see the Bear//Face influence and brings up the point tat you should all be following Lil Sad to boot. It’s a really great lovestep jam and hopefully there will be more collabs of these two to come.

Then we have Phantom Shilla’s great tune off the Room Silent compilation (HERE) which displays that vocal and instrumental vintage feel that makes you think you’re in a Parisian loft smoking tons of cigarettes and seeing everything in filtered black & white, with open windows making the floor to ceiling white curtains billow in and out like laundry fluttering on the line.

Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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