Billy Woods Does Tinseltown Thrice

Billy Woods TinseltownNot only do we have a tune from the man Billy Woods whose album with Blockhead (HERE) is one of those great albums of hip hop undergroundedness that still gets me excited for hip hop in the 21st century.  The three tunes here are the original, produced by said Blockhead, and then one “Tinseltown Remix” from Billy and a second remix featuring Crocodile Tears.  SO, what does this say about the album, Dour Candy?  It says that not only is it worth the purchase, but these remixes are dope as well.

Woods, straight outta DC, is one of those MC’s who not only gets his lyrics down pat but his flow is on point as well.  Pairing up with Blockhead’s sweet sample-based production and you have an album that will hold up and will be a constant inclusion in your playlist.

Other than the original, I can’t see where you can cop these remixes, just yet, so stream ’em till they can’t be streamed no mo’!

billy woods “Tinseltown” by backwoodzstudioz

billy woods “Tinseltown Remix” by backwoodzstudioz

billy woods “Crocodile Tears Remix” by backwoodzstudioz

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