Andrea’s Sampled Goodness Best Of Days 12-20

I’m sure you all noticed a distinct slow down of blog activity over the past weekend.  For us Yanks, we have a holiday and we all pretty much took advantage in our own ways.  One guy who didn’t take a holiday, though, is Andrea.  He’s still going strong with his Sample A Day project (Part 1 and Part 2) and while we’ve missed posting every five tunes of his, you have hopefully all followed him and this project.  If not, though, check out these 4 favorites of mine from his Sample #’s 12 – 20.

Taking samples from artists as varied as Mobb Deep, Eels and Kraftwerk, you might ask if this is real life or just an idea sketched out drunkenly on a pub napkin.  But no, this is real life and gladly so because while I only have four below, they’re ALL worth checking out.

So here you go, my favorite four from Samples 12-20.  Which are your favorites so far though?

Day 15 by Andrea

Day 17 by Andrea

Day 20 by Andrea

Day 18 by Andrea

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