Ambassadeurs Brings Trouble

A new EP dropped from Ambassadeurs on Monday and if you haven’t copped it yet, get on it forthwith!  It’s quite the goodness and since you know of Ambassadeurs from HERE or HERE or even HERE, this acquisition makes all the sense in the world.  For those who might expect indie dance all the way through, you might want to re-calibrate those expectations.  The chilled out 4 to the floor beat that permeates a lot of his production isn’t prevalent in this 6 track EP.  It’s there, but y’know, you can still dance to the other stuff too!

So 6 tracks of goodness from Ambassadeurs and available through Beatport or iTunes  for your mid-week treat and something that you should enjoy heartily all the way through.

01 Peace of Youth Pt.1 by Ambassadeurs

02 No Matter What by Ambassadeurs

03 Colour Show by Ambassadeurs

04 Trouble by Ambassadeurs

05 Peace of Youth Pt.2 by Ambassadeurs

06 Lucid by Ambassadeurs

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