Open Mike Eagle Is Sir Rockabye

Open Mike Eagle, one of those guys that defies easy categorization. Unless dope is a categorization that you recognize, because yeah he definitely is that. But y’know this guy is somethin else. Always using some dope production along with some off-kilter flow and definitely lyrics, he’s continued that vibe with an EP entitled Sir Rockabye.

The first track uses a sample of one of my favorite INXS tunes and so well that had me sold right there. But just digging through the vault for some 80’s pop is something not a lot of peoples are doing. Some are, definitely, but usually peoples be gettin’ at them dusty jazz or funk samples or these days 90’s R&B tunes. ANYway, this EP, Sir Rockabye features MC’s Busdriver and Has-Lo and is as much a producer feature as each tune features a different producer. Kuest1, Moka Only, Ernest Gonales, Y.U.C., and Quelle Chris provide their beats to the Open Mike Eagle tableau and they all show various styles and aptitudes. All five are quite good and as someone who enjoys the production side of hip hop as much if not more than the lyrical content, these new names to me are great as I now have homework to do to catch up on these guys.


But for the lyrics?  They’re still there and on point.  I mean come on..any lyrics that reference Inspector Clouseau is my kinda tune and Open Mike Eagle does it to me every time.

So this EP is available for a Pay What You Want type of deal and I’d say some sort of patronage is worthy. Get it HERE and get it soon!

Open Mike Eagle – Degrassi PictureDay (Hellfyre Jackets) feat Busdriver by Open Mike Eagle

Open Mike Eagle – Middling. prod. Quelle Chris by Open Mike Eagle

Open Mike Eagle – Password (tiny man raps) by Open Mike Eagle

Open Mike Eagle – Clean it Up feat. Has-Lo prod. Moka Only by Open Mike Eagle

Open Mike Eagle – Mef’s Lament prod. Ernest Gonzalez by Open Mike Eagle

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