You Can’t See Kiings and Hoberg

Kiings are back at it!  Just a week since their last drop here on the Waxhole (HERE), they come out with a wonderful tune featuring the vocals of Christine Hoberg.  Original production with this great vocalist, and you’ve got something special.

The vocals go from stark and raw to pitched and layered with ease and brings you from the point of self-hugging to fist pumping in the matter of seconds.  While the production stays nicely in the background during the verses, it swells and envelopes Hoberg’s voice in the chorus and gives you a great taste of how this duo from Wisconsin does things the right way.

So check the tune, download it (HERE), give Kiings a follow (Soundcloud, Facebook) as well as Hoberg (Soundcloud, Facebook) and show them some love.

Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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