Yeasayer Gets Down With MS MR

Oh, I’m sorry..Yeasayer remixed MS MR and I’m just finding this out?  Well I guess better late than never and a few days never hurt, but still!  I do love the MS MR sounds and I have been a fan of Yeasayer for awhile so this pairing of old and new favorites is awesome for me.  While the powerful vocals of Plapinger are at times masked behind the pitched and chopped workings of Yeasayer, the vocals peek out from the curtains a bit and remind you this is still most definitely a MS MR joint.  And while the tune loses its haunting feel, it is supplanted nicely by a jolt of dancy synths and 808’s that unless you’ve heard the original (or seen the macabre video) you might not know that this wasn’t a happy-go-lucky tune in it’s original form.

So yeah get this official remix along with the rest of the outstanding album HERE and check out both MS MR and Yeasayer if you’re new to the indie scene.

Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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