WTCHDCTR’s Night luv Is So Sexy

WTCHDCTR was featured on the blog a few weeks ago when announcing the Shoeboxx Records launch (HERE) and while that didn’t introduce ME to him, it did make me sit up and take a bit more notice. And boy am I glad it did because he dropped this tune last night and the title fits the mood oh so perfectly. And if you think this is all he has in his tank you’d be mistaken. Just rippin through his uploads on Soundcloud would attest to this. And if you want more proof, just stay tuned for his release coming at you soon from Shoeboxx.

So the tune at hand, Night Luv. The 8-Bit graphic used as the SC thumbnail belies the absolute lusciousness that this tune enjoys. The pitched vocal sample and the percs weave in and out with the dreamy synths and atmospheric textures and you are happy to enjoy for the entire 3 and a half minutes and then at minute 2:15, you are thrown out of your chair with even more depth and emotion. WTCHDCTR really did a wondrous job on this tune, which he just threw out to his fans on a lark.

So yeah, follow WTCHDCTR (Soundcloud, Facebook) forthwith. He’s got great promise and it’s quite enjoyable to be along with him as he embarks on the journey.

Night Luv by WTCHDCTR

Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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