Waxhole June ’13 Mix – Frontcannon

And now we are back to our regularly scheduled programming with our Monthly Mix Series.  This month it comes from a reader of the blog by the name of Frontcannon (Soundcloud, Mixcloud).  Known to us here from the Futurebeats subreddit group, his mixes have seen some Waxhole ink (HERE) and his work is always enjoyed. 

Frontcannon used not only some of the music we posted throughout the month, but also added some current favorites of his from artists that we’ve either blogged before or not (but should!).  It’s a great mix that gets you hyped from the very first.  featuring artists from all around the globe and even in our own backyard, the Mix shows the depth and breadth of Frontcannon’s taste.

So sit back and enjoy this wonderful mix and look out for more from Frontcannon in the future!

Track list:
Richard The III – Every Man For Himself
Ganz – Faces
Kendrick Lamar – Swimming Pools (Flaxo Remix)
Somatoast – Withinity
The Echo – Signals (Ambassadeurs Remix)
Real Cosby – Earl Juice
K Theory – Watch Me Kill It
Govinda – Plant The Seed
An-Ten-Nae x Ella Eyre – Waiting All Night
Mind Tree – Caravan
Jon Hopkins – Breathe This Air
Bedrockk – Foreva
The xx – Angels (Rooots Remix)
Jon Hopkins – Open Eye Signal (Nosaj Thing Remix)
Pixelord – Vibrate (XI Remix)
Ganz – Keep Falling (Obscure Remix)
SwizzyMack – Drip
Yheti – Listen To Your Brain
Mt. Analogue – Breathing

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