UTRB’s Pressure Gets Worked Over So Well

There are two things we here at Waxhole love…Ta-ku (umm, yeah), and UTRB’s tune Pressure (See?).  So when the two come together?  Well hot damn, we have some potential for awesome.  And then you hit the Play button and all of those hopes and dreams come to sonic, ear-melting fruition.

UTRB, Until The Ribbon Breaks, is one of those artists that is a high percentage shooter as opposed to a volume shooter (NBA terminology for ya basketball heads) and this also bears out in the quality of the people he taps up to remix his tunes, like BURNS, Ta-ku and LuQuS.

I’m not quite sure how you categorize Ta-ku anymore.  He’s equally at home with the beats, with the remixes and with the original stand-alone tunes.  And really, when everything is good, why stop down to categorize??

But wait a minute…we’ve now heard ta-ku’s remix, and LuQuS’s, but what about a bonus remix from BURNS?  And the original just for context (and because it’s freaking awesome!)?  Well alright then!  Have at it!

So enjoy this tune thoroughly and repeatedly (like me!) and get after that Free Download!  And do the followings of UTRB (Soundcloud, Facebook) and BURNS, and well, you already know Ta-ku.

Pressure by UntilTheRibbonBreaks

Pressure (Ta-ku Remix) by UntilTheRibbonBreaks

Pressure ft Mr MFN eXquire (BURNS Remix) by UntilTheRibbonBreaks

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