The Blank Gets Bright With His Night Lights

The Blank…get to know the name. It’s one that will be popping up quite a bit in the coming years, and if you’ve been following him, it’s nothing new. The guy, a young, Perth based producer by the name of Henry Ascroft, had a great 2012, and 2013 has seen a new EP off of Bad Panda Records and it’s more of the same greatness. Even adding in some vocals to the first track giving it an older Catching Flies kind of feel, but yet that sub rumbling bass just gets you right in the chest cavity and makes that top lip curl almost uncontrollably. There’s even an airy light hearted tune that gets you out from your subterranean cave and into the light almost bewilderingly.

I’ve selected two of the tracks from the Bad Panda release and two from my favorite EP (HERE) of his off of Darker Than Wax that was released damned near a year ago! This will show that The Blank (Soundcloud, Facebook) is no one hit wonder.

The Blank – For the Hills by Bad Panda Records

The Blank – Questions of Night by Bad Panda Records

The Blank – Love Knows by DARKERTHANWAX

The Blank – Closed Eye by DARKERTHANWAX

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