Ta-ku’s Official Remixing JMSN Is Officially Awesome

Ta-ku and JMSN was so awsome the first time around (HERE), and this time, for his newest ReTWerk EP, he’s done an official remix of JMSN.  This one right here?  Well this is as fire as you’d expect with the two combined.

You MUST know Ta-ku by now, and hopefully JMSN.  There has been a surge f female vocalists wanted for production, but guys like JMSN show that the guys can do it just as well.

So yeah love this one like it’s going away for the summer and look out for that ReTWerk #2 EP coming out in a week!!!  Can’t wait for that!  Oh and did you miss his first ReTwerk effort?  Check it on Ta-ku’s BAndcamp page which also has SO much more from him.

Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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