Sunday Chill From ANDRU, EwokieTalkie and UTRB

Oh hello Sunday with your incessant need for chill.  You need something nice to start your Sunday off with and luckily I have three tunes just for you.  From UTRB, Andru and EwokieTalkie we have some newbies here along with a veteran of the blog.  While UTRB is just steady putting out the greatness, the other two were submissions and caught my ears instantly.

For UTRB (Soundcloud, Facebook), all you have to do is clock the past tunes he’s given us (HERE, and HERE) to know that this guy knows what he’s doing.  This tune right here is just another one to his already great collection and draws me into that dangerous mode of thought that this producer can do no wrong.  And until he proves me wrong, this is all I have to go on.

2025 by UntilTheRibbonBreaks

Then we have a producer by the name of ANDRU (Soundcloud, Facebook), a producer out of Montreal.  Sending some tunes our way and I’ve been enjoying thoroughly.  With tags on his tunes such as dream trap, you get the sense that these tunes will be shoegaze with 808’s added to the mix.  And as you listen, you get that, but you also get the bass laid in there that gets the booty moving whether you like it or not.  Some good stuff here from ANDRU, and I’ll be keeping an eye out for his future releases.



Then there is EwokieTalkie (Soundcloud, Facebook), a young producer out of the cornfields of Indiana, who specializes in the beats and with this submission, he’s doin it right. A nice chill beat, with samples throughout, this guy breaks the beats and warps the chimes enough to throw you off a bit, yet still keeping you entranced with the overall great vibe. He’s one to keep an eye on, and one whose set to release a bigger project (one that this tune is cut from) very soon. I know I can’t wait to hear!

EwokieTalkie-This Flame by ewokietalkie

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