Snake Hips, Sweater Beats And UTRB; So Lovely

Three artists who dropped some freshies the past couple of days and wow are they greatness. Remixes are a good way to keep us fans sated while they work on more substantial fare and really, I don’t mind one bit. And Snake Hips’ original work? Well whether it’s just a throw away or a generous offering to the fans, it worked, because I lapped it up like a sheep dog in a puddle on a hot day.

As for the three artists?  You know them well if you’re a reader of the blog (yeah, uh huh) and the fact that they came together in the last 48 hours to give us newness is awesome even though they did so unwittingly….or did they?

ANYway, have at these tunes and follow the artists as they ALL are greatness.

Ciara – I’m Out (Sweater Beats Bootyleg) by SWEATER BEATS


Wicked Games (Until The Ribbon Breaks Reimagination) by UntilTheRibbonBreaks

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