Sixfingerz Premier!

We here at Waxhole are keen admirers of Sixfingerz, the man from Antwerp, who refixes hip hop tracks with ease, puts out the dope beats and just generally curates the awesome.  His Soundcloud is rife with jams, and his Facebook is deep with info, personal touches and other tidbits of Sixfingerz stuff.

As for this tune here, Sixfingerz was kind enough to pick Waxhole as the site to premier his track from his upcoming album, due out 8/27 on Cold Busted.  The tune, named Rhode Island, is one of those summery feel good vibes with the organ and the airy beat combining for 3 minutes of unadulterated booty grooving. Breaking the beats, looping the organ and adding intermittent vocal wobbles, the tune never gets old. Straddling the line between straight up beat, breakbeat and trip hop, this is great view of what is to come on the album.

You’ve seen Sixfingerz on the blog before (see?) and you know what he’s capable of.  The fact that he has an album due to drop later this summer is one of those things you mark your calendar for and pounce on when the day arrives.  I know I will!

Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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