Seein WTCHDCTR’s Sad And Lovin It

Since last month’s big coming out party for Shoeboxx Recordings (remember?) with the absolutely stellar Real Cosby EP, there have been some major happenings. A show from Real Cosby, a huge announcement that our good friend Groove Cereal is joining the ranks as well as various releases from current Shoeboxx artists. It’s been a great first month of operations and I don’t see how it’ll slow down any time soon. It’s exciting to see Shoeboxx grow.
But why am I waxing on and on about Shoeboxx? ¬†Well that’s because they have their 2nd release for us today. From WTCHDCTR (Soundcloud, Facebook), the young producer based out of Calgary, this album is much like the random tunes he throws out on the regular. Chill beats with broken tempos and chopped vocals among 808’s rapping like rain against your window letting you know there’s more to this guys production than a few beats and synth lines. I was told to expect a great release and I wasn’t disappointed.

So check out these tunes for a sample of this great album and pick it up pronto. ¬†Enjoy Seeing all of WTCHDCTR’s sad. I know I am!

luv wit u pt.2 by WTCHDCTR

repeat for me by WTCHDCTR

you can see all my sad by WTCHDCTR

feel me by WTCHDCTR

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