Rob Garza Gets Remix Happy

The name Rob Garza might not elicit much of a response to some of you, but the name Thievery Corporation would (and should!). But back to Garza, this guy has taken some artists/tracks to remix and he’s done so quite well. From Tycho to Gogol Bordello, this 14 track remix ep is chock full of diverse sounds that are all drawn together by Garza’s fantastic touch. The remixes mostly revolve around a 4 to the floor beat that can get a little tiresome to my ears at least, but because the beat is the ONLY redundant feature.

I have included four of my favorite from the 14, which by no means represents the ONLY good tunes from the remix album, but they show the diversity that is there in not only the sound, vibe and quality, but in the artists chosen. So give Rob a follow (Soundcloud, Facebook) and get the Remix Album (HERE)

Tycho – Ascension (Rob Garza Remix) – Remixes LP by Rob Garza Music

Novalima – Festejo (Rob Garza Remix) by Rob Garza Music

Federico Aubele – No One (Rob Garza Remix) by Rob Garza Music

Gogol Bordello – Through the Roof and Underground (Rob Garza Remix) by Rob Garza Music

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