Pigeon Hole, Le Moti and Adventure Club Mix It Up So Well

New Mixes are always something that I love digging into.  I have long commutes and time at the gym so those hour long mixes are just what I need in these times of potential boredom and malaise.  Because I try to surround myself with music and lots of it, I rarely, if ever, get caught out on a limb with no music to keep my mind engaged and occupied even as I race past the same warehouses and parking lots that I do twice a day 5 days a week.

Three mixes here and they are all a bit of a different vibe.  One from our homies Pigeon Hole, and one from our homies Adventure Club.  A new artist to the blog, Le Moti (Soundcloud, Facebook), gives us a mix chock full of goodies.  This mix, which is Part 1 of a new series put on by one of our favorite PR Companies and run by one of our favorite people in the biz, really does give you a lot to digest and in the best possible way.  

So have at these mixes, and enjoy thoroughly.  They all contain tunes we’ve posted various times before, but in these three different and very talented producers’ hands, they get a whole new sound and feeling.

TFN Summer Mix Series Episode 2 – Pigeon Hole by theFreshNew

Le Moti – Level Up Vol. 1 [ Exclusive Level4pr.com Mix ] by Le Moti

Superheroes Anonymous Vol. 2 by Adventure Club

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