Phaeleh Brings in the Morning Sun

Phaeleh is an established name synonymous with deep heavy melodic Dubstep, and this new tune from him is no different. Packed full of crisp clear percussion, deep rattling bass lines and, beautiful vocals provided by the lovely Soundmouse, this track is sure to make all the chill playlists.

What makes this one special, is that you can get the download for it buy pre-ordering his upcoming LP “Tides” due out July 1st. So head on over to snag your copy and follow this bass master (Soundcloud, Facebook) then wait with us, in bated breath, for the rest of the album to drop.

PS. If you haven’t noticed this is my first post as a writer for Waxhole. I’m Joseph Noctum, an Austin TX based Producer and DJ. Waxhole has been gracious enough to allow me to join the staff here as an outlet for all the music that I comb through on a daily basis. I’ll be posting the best of what I find in a variety of genres from the chillest and melodic to the craziest obscure subgenre you’ve never heard of. I look forward to sharing with you and filling your Waxholes’ with choice tunes.

Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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