Neosignal Introduces Us To Planet Online

Neosignal – Planet Online (Official Video) from neosignal on Vimeo.

Noisia’s label Division Records is about to release it’s first album from the guys of Neosignal and they’ve given us the tunes to stream in anticipation.  Releasing everywhere on June 24th, you can preorder the album HERE and listening to these tunes, it’s a clear bet that when you do you’ll get absolute wonderfulness in your inbox.   And if you just can’t wait, or if you want some great remixes of the tunes Planet Online and Angst from Culprate (remember this one?), Rockwell and Rawtekk then get those HERE.  With tunes approaching dubstep, drum and bass, and post-Industrial, this album really has so much to offer and for almost every fan.

So to the tunes at hand.  We have Planet Online which you may or may not have heard, then we have Temptation, 1000 Volt, and Raum und Zeit all displaying the different sounds of the album. 1000 Volt with it’s rock jam breaking down into the dubstep vibe, Temptation with it’s wonkatron sound, bordering almost on neurhop, Planet Online showing how they can play with the 4 to the floor beat yet get so crunchy with it. Then we have Raum und Zeit which shows their Blade Runner soundtrack tendencies and among other tunes on the album shows the post-Industrial sound that I love.  These tunes only show a sliver of the goodness on this album, so you just have to go and listen to the rest to see exactly what else you’re in store for.

So do yourselves a favor and get a hold of this album either by pre-order or when it comes out in a week, but whatever the case just get it! Oh and follow the Neosignal guys too (Soundcloud, Facebook). They not only put out the dope albums, but they have their own label and churn out some ace remixes as well.

neosignal – Planet Online by n?osignal™

neosignal – Temptation by n?osignal™

neosignal – Raum und Zeit by n?osignal™

neosignal – 1000 Volt by n?osignal™

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