Myriads Revisited

Myriads Rise, a single the good dudes of Libations & Oscillations supplied for our Chilled Wax Compilation back in December has been remixed by 4 talented artists (available HERE) and you will see below just how talented they are and each one seemed to outdo the other. As L&O wrote on their Facebook page:

Several months ago, we where asked if we had an original tune we could submit to the Waxhole – Chilled Wax Compilation. At the time, we where so focused on remixes, that we really didn’t have any unreleased original material. However, we love us some Waxhole, so we cranked out a new song inspired by a quote from the English poet, Alexander Pope.

Happy with the results, we decided to stem out the track and give the pieces to a few select producers for remix treatment.

Each of us picked two artists to ask and fortunately, every single one of them agreed. So, it is without further adieu that we announce that on June 11th, we will be releasing ‘Myriads Revisted’, an EP of our original track, Myriad’s Rise along with four amazing remixes.

The first track from the remix album, is courtesy of Gift Culture (Soundcloud, Facebook). Haling from the same city as the L&O guys, this producer really pulled out all of the stops with his remix. Keeping the great piano from the original, Gift Culture, waits for the intro to fully materialize before he starts weaving in his own bass and crunch.  Adding in more synths, sweeps and bass, the piano from the original tune is ever present, reminding you that you’re still in this L&O ride with Gift culture being the driver.

Libations & Oscillations – Myriads Rise (Gift Culture Remix) by Libations & Oscillations

The next remix is from CloZee (Soundcloud, Facebook), herself. The French producer and one of L&O’s and our mutual favorites, she comes blasting in as only she knows how. With deep bass, crunching beats and the eastern influenced strings and vocals. The glitch hopping goodness that we love her for breaks into the scene with a controlled ferocity that only a dancer might know. Whipping her sounds and textures around like a Turkish dervish, she’s given you a sound much like that from the Glitch Mob, and while the original tune was a chilled out affair, CloZee’s bouncing re-touch fits just as well. I am not sure how she did it, but she most certainly succeeded.

Libations & Oscillations – Myriads Rise (CloZee Remix) by Libations & Oscillations

The third remix is from another fellow Texan, Echo Conscious (Soundcloud, Youtube), aka Brad Dale is one of those great producers who stays in the studio and lets the front man do the front man thing. Producing for Dallas area band Ishi (remember them?) as well as for many local, national and international ad campaigns, tv campaigns and anything else that needs scoring, this man can not only producer greatness but geek out with the best of them in all things audio. As for the tune itself, well it’s a masterpiece. One of those tunes that you find something new with every listen. A textured wave of audial goodness that uses the original track’s bones to keep the sonic shroud from engulfing you completely, Dale gives you a real wonder of a remix to keep you warm.

Libations & Oscillations – Myriads Rise (echo conscious’ Reclaimed Wood Remix) by Libations & Oscillations

The final remix, from DRRTYWULVZ (Soundcloud,Official Site), also from Austin, is one of those great cappers to a great ride that while satisfies your audial itch, leaves you wanting more. Usually a glitched out bass head, DRRTYWULVZ employs a Tychoesque sound to his remix, which lends to the originals feel quite nicely. One of those artists you will want to keep an eye on, DRRTYWULVZ has the goods to become one of those really great artists in the scene.

Libations & Oscillations – Myriads Rise (DRRTYWULVZ Remix) by Libations & Oscillations

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