Moose Tape #2 Is Definitely Not Second Rate

Moose Records, made up of Julia Losfelt and Andrea Moonchild, continues to impress.  Not content to rest on their first Moose Tape (HERE) and that greatness, they have put together a second and a most glorious one at that.  We have detailed a few of the tunes these past weeks (HERE and HERE), but now it is out and we can have it and hold it and love it and squeeze it and call it George…or…whatever….

Along with stwo, We Sink and xxStunned tomcat, the artists include Phedee, Tulpa, Luo, Blackedout, Lambert, Tommy Jacob and Julia herself.  Following the same vibe as what Andrea and Julia have set forth for Moose Records, this Moose Tape is a great portent of what’s to come.

Below are four tunes that I’ve picked out as the best of the rest, but y’know, these four are definitely not the only gems on here.  And if these tunes are something you’ve dug on, get at the whole album.  It is for free, y’know.

Away by Julia Losfelt

sumo / revive by phedee

You Don’t Understand by Blackedout

Murmur (Moose Records Exclusive) by L A M B E R T

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