Maribou State’s Tongue Is So Good

Maribou State, the duo out of London, gives us some goodness off of their upcoming release off of Southern Fried Records (get it HERE). The video for Tongue (HERE), the single, is one of those works that make you appreciate that the video culture is alive even after the ignominious demise of MTV and VH1.

As for the B-Side of Tongue (also included below), it starts you off with a happy jaunty beat, then the vocal sweeps hit and your comfy self is a little on edge. But that ever present almost swing beat continues on and keeps you safe as the production exploits of Maribou State eddies around you. It’s a great companion to the single, and I for one am stoked to see new work coming from the duo.

So enjoy these two tunes, follow Maribou State (Soundcloud, Facebook) and pre-order that single with the 3 remixes and this ace B-Side (HERE).

Maribou State – Larks Rise by Maribou State

Maribou State – Tongue (Feat. Holly Walker) by Maribou State

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