Lafunkt Started The Invasion

So for anyone who is familiar with some of my past DJ work know that I used to bang glitch hop on the regular. Then one day, nothing… What happened was the record stores got flooded with Neuro Hop that all had the exact same Tipper-ish funk and cadence. Not to mention there seemed to be some kind of contest to see who could get the lowest register snare hit and still have it some what different from the bass.

With that I walked away, until this morning when I got an email from Adapted Records about a new freebee from their artist Lafunkt (Soundcloud, Facebook). With a crazy intro sample and build, it pulled my attention enough to listen until it unleashed. Edgy synths, driving beat and tasty bass, are smeared all over this track. On a technical note kudos to Lafunkt’s sound design because the snare remains punchy while managing to not sound like it’s carrying a load in it’s low end. So put on your tin foil hats and prepare, “The Invasion” is here.

Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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